How our performance is regulated

All Scottish Registered Social Landlords have their performance monitored by the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) whose purpose is to protect the interests of tenants, people who are homeless, and others who use social landlords' services.

We work with the Scottish Housing Regulator each year to providing a variety of documents that demonstrate our performance. These include: 

Our key performance results from the ARC are published annually for tenants in our Charter Reports.

Each year the Scottish Housing Regulator publishes a number documents about each Scottish RSL including:

  • A Landlord Report for every Registered Social Landlord that is based on the information provided in the Annual Return on the Charter submission.  
  • A Regulation Engagement Plan. The Scottish Housing Regulator currently classes our partner Association Caledonia as being of systemic importance and as such our engagement status is medium. Their Engagement Plan provides further information about what this means.

The SHR also provides an online comparison tool that can be used to find out how our performance compares with that of other landlords.