Policies and Procedures

At our August Management Committee meeting our Committee agreed a 2 year timetable to review all of the Association's policies.  The following policies have been approved by our Management Committee to date:

Standing Orders

Scheme of Delegated Authority

Financial Regulations

Code of Conduct for Governing Body Members

Code of Conduct for Staff Members

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Treasury Management Policy

Governing Body Membership Policy

Membership Policy

Notifiable Events Policy

Serious Complaints Against the Chief Executive Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Company Vehicle Policy

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Openness and Confidentiality Policy

Rent Policy

Rent and Service Charge Setting Policy

Anti-Bribery Policy

Anti-Fraud Policy

Adverse Weather Policy

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Business Continuity Management Policy

Decant Policy

Rechargeable Repairs Policy

Mortgage to Rent Policy

Mutual Exchange Policy