Housing Partner - Caledonia Housing AssociationCaledonia Housing Association

Cordale Housing Association entered into a partnership with Caledonia Housing Association which was registered on 1 April 2014.

As part of the partnership agreement, Cordale sold its undeveloped housing sites in Alexandria and Renton to Caledonia. Cordale received funds for these sites which staved off the immediate threat of Cordale running out of cash.

Caledonia are now on site building new homes which will provide new affordable housing for rent in Alexandria and Renton. The houses will be allocated to meet local needs; and the new houses will be managed and maintained by Cordale’s staff.

Cordale Housing Association is still a legal company in its own right, Service provision will continue to be managed by a local Committee of Management. Caledonia provide more specialist services – programme management, and human resource/personnel advice. Traditionally Cordale ‘bought in’ these services at considerable expense.

Caledonia also provide support to Cordale’s Management Committee which strengthens the quality of the decisions it makes on behalf of Cordale’s tenants and the local services they receive. Caledonia uses its expertise and resources to train Cordale’s Committee members. This ensures members are knowledgeable and aware of their responsibilities. Training also ensures that the decisions they take are compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements, and are taken in the best interests of Cordale’s tenants.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of the partnership including the Development Programme in Renton and Alexandria.  

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