Mutual Exchanges

Mutual exchanges allow you to swap your home with another tenant. Exchanges are often a quicker way for you to move home rather than applying for a transfer. They are a self help option because you can find someone to swap with yourself. You can exchange your property with another Cordale Housing Association tenant, or housing association tenant or Council tenant from this area or any other area. There are conditions that you have to comply with in order for a mutual exchange to be approved. Before you move, you must complete our mutual exchange form and hand it in to our office. We must give you written approval before the exchange can take place. Please do not make any arrangements to move until you have that approval. You can contact our Customer Service Team on 01389 721216 for more information or download a copy of our Mutual Exchange Policy.

Download a Mututal Exchange Application Form


Homeswapper is for social tenants who want a mutual exchange. If you live in a council house or housing association property you can swap homes. The Association is a registered landlord with Homeswapper, therefore, all Cordale Housing Association tenants can register with Homeswapper free of charge. If your landlord participates your membership will be free. If they do not participate there will be a membership fee due.