Care of Garden Maintenance Scheme

Cordale Care of Garden Scheme is designed to offer assistance to those individual households where there are no able bodied occupants capable of cutting their grass or trimming their hedges during the growing season.
Cordale understand the importance to tenants and the wider community of well-maintained and attractive gardens. We want to support tenants who experience physical challenges maintaining their garden.

Where the Association has provided you with a property which has a garden, it is the occupier’s responsibility to ensure that the garden area is maintained and in good condition and that your grassed areas are cut regularly. The requirement to cut your grass and hedging is a condition of the Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement you have with us. Where a household has able bodied members it is expected that you would arrange to cut your own grass and hedging.

We understand that on occasions some tenants are unable to fulfil this obligation due to a physical health condition that may or may not be permanent, and as such we require an annual application in order for you to be assessed for this service. We will match your application to the information we hold on your tenancy records.

Due to the high volume of requests for this service we require all applicants to complete this Care of Garden Maintenance Scheme Request Form each year and provide the supporting evidence we require to determine if you qualify for this service. Once we receive your application we will assess it and let you know if your garden will be included in this year’s programme.

Should you wish more information on the Care of Garden Maintenance Scheme or have any other questions or if you need help to complete the application form, then please contact the office and our Housing Officers can provide help.

Applications are available from our office or can be downloaded here.

Care of Garden scheme application