Close Upkeep

Tenants responsibilities are as follows:

  • To ensure that stairs, landings and close are swept by the tenant whose turn it is. This should be on a weekly rota with your immediate neighbours as often as necessary during that week.
  • That stairs, landing and close are washed once per week.
  • That close windows inside are cleaned, only where safe to do so.
  • That close tiles are washed down when required.
  • That back and front close doors should be washed when required.
  • The front and back door should be kept locked at all times when not in use.
  • That all household refuse should be carefully bagged and placed in the bins provided. Refuse should not be placed on top of bin stores, and any spillage should be cleared up.
  • No household items of any sort or size should be left in close.
  • The bin store area should be swept and mopped out every week on a rota.
  • No dogs should be let out on their own to either the close or the back court.

Phase 1 Refurb