Anti social behaviour

Cordale Housing Association defines anti-social behaviour as conduct, which is normally persistent and has caused significant mental or physical harm to other residents and/or damage or deterioration to Associations property.

Although many residents disputes relate to issues such as stair cleaning and are, not necessarily seen as ‘anti-social’ behaviour as such, we recognise that many complaints of anti-social behaviour have their origins in disputes over stair cleaning, use of drying greens etc.

It is recognised that, in many instances, conflict between residents arises out of a clash of lifestyles and expectations, which cannot be readily resolved.

Disputes can occur because of ignorance and misunderstanding. Avoiding this can simply be a matter of keeping your neighbour informed. It may be that a friendly word with your neighbour will solve any problem you have. It is important that you approach your neighbour in a calm manner.

Being a good neighbour

Avoid playing music loudly or having the television or stereo on too loud late at night. Respond in a reasonable way to a neighbour's request that you reduce the volume.

Take your turn of cleaning the stairs and the common areas. (This is a binding condition of your tenancy agreement and keeps the close looking good).

Ensure that you keep your pet under control at all times and do not allow fouling of the common areas eg. close, backcourts, areas where children play etc.

If the situation does not get any better or you are worried about approaching a neighbour, get in touch with the office on 01389 721216 or download a copy of our Neighbour Disagreement Form to complete and hand into our office at 1 Red Row. We will deal with complaints in confidence.

If you wish, Geraldine will visit everybody involved and try to settle the situation. If mediation does not work and problems continue we may have to consider court action against the tenants concerned, if appropriate.

Any complaints due to racial harassment should be reported to the Association and the Police immediately. We have a separate policy to deal with this type of complaint.

If you are threatened by a neighbour you should contact the Police Scotland on 101.

Complaints categories

It is useful to categorise complaints to encourage consistency of approach and to clarify to all concerned the likely response of the Association. It should be recognised, however, that not all cases will be easily categorised.

Category Three – complaints which clearly breach the tenancy conditions but are of a relatively minor nature e.g. stair cleaning, rubbish dumping, pet fouling, occasional noise disturbance.

Category Two – complaints which indicate serious anti-social behaviour e.g. excessive and persistent noise, frequent disturbances, vandalism to Associations property, misuse of drugs, threatening behaviour, harassment, verbal abuse.

Category One – complaints of a very serious anti-social nature e.g. violence, unprovoked attack and physical assault, drug dealing, category two behaviour which is not only persistent, but has not changed despite warnings.

Where the Association receives notification from the Police, that a tenant and/or a tenant’s relative or visitor has been charged with supply and possession of drugs from the property, we will pursue decree for eviction.

Working with other agencies

We have built good partnerships with the Police, West Dunbartonshire Council and in particular the ASIST Neighbourhood Team, Council out of hours team, the Council’s Mediation Service, in order to tackle anti social behaviour.

Useful telephone numbers outwith office hours to report incidents of anti-social behaviour

Police Scotland

West Dunbartonshire Council Out of Hours Patrol Team
01389 772049