Looking after your grass

Looking after your grass is like looking after your figure, fairly easy.

  • It is like your diet, if you feed it correctly, it looks great.
  • It is like your hair, if you trim it twice a month, you look great.

The following are a few easy steps in giving you less work and results in a great looking and well conditioned garden lawn.

  • In Spring, (end of March, beginning of April) an application of weed and feed, B.&.Q or Homebase or similar own brand is as good as any other.
  • Cut the grass twice a month, but not to short in the first month.
  • In Summer if the grass is looking poor or yellowing it is asking you for some more feed. If weeds are starting to show then another feed and weed application will be required.
  • DO NOT use normal weed and feed after August, but use an Autumn weed and feed, this feeds the roots only and helps keep the grass healthy for the following season.
  • If frost is on the ground, do not walk on the grass as this causes damage to the grass.