If you are concerned that spending a lot of time at home as a result of self-isolation will drive your energy bills up, Energy Action Scotland has fantastic tips and information that can help. Ofgem also has great advice on energy related issues.

If you or anyone in your home has any underlying health conditions, you should also contact your energy supplier to let them know. They will add you to the Priority Service Register, which will give you extra support should you need it.

Prepay Meters and Self Isolation

Self-isolating can be a problem if you have a pre-payment meter, which requires you to go to the shop to top-up. Different energy suppliers will have their own ways of dealing with this. We've put links and contact details at the bottom of the page for most of the major energy suppliers.

If you are self-isolating, you should contact your energy company as soon as you become aware of an issue to do with your prepay meter, as some of the solutions can take a few days.

Smart meter top up you can do this online using the usual process. If you are struggling financially due to working restrictions, your energy supplier may be able to top up your meter if it is an emergency situation.

Electricity key or gas card top up you can pay your supplier directly by phone and they will then send a special code to a pay-point near to you. This code can then be picked up by family or friends. If you don’t have anyone who can do this for you, your supplier may be able to send a key or card to your home that will allow you to top up.

General tips if you are not self-isolating, it’s a good idea to keep topping your meter up with extra money whenever you can to build up plenty of credit incase you have to self-isolate at a later date.

Energy advice for billed customers affected by Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

If you are having difficulty paying bills or keeping up with Direct Debit payments, you should call your energy supplier as soon as possible to see what assistance may be available.

You may still receive automatically generated recovery letters and other notices. If you do receive one, then phone your energy supplier as soon as possible.

Energy suppliers are keen to identify households that have vulnerable people so they can add the household to the Priority Service Register and offer support. This is particularly important if you are at risk of being cut off from your energy supply.

It is vital that if you are experiencing difficulties with your energy supply, you do not ignore it and get in touch with your supplier as soon as possible. The earlier you get in touch the easier it is for the supplier to offer support, and it may prevent any emergency measures being carried out.

Energy Suppliers Contact Details and Links


0345 026 2658 – Customer service



0300 3030635



0333 200 5100



0345 303 3040



0330 100 3000


text phone 0800 413 016


0330 102 7517


Scottish/ British Gas

0220 100 0303


Scottish Power

0800 0270072



0345 2068 333