Today, 20th August 2020, the Scottish Government has advised of further easing of lock down restrictions. As with previous lock down easing these have a significant impact on what we can do in our day to day lives most of the easing of restrictions do not impact the services we provide, and our services remain as outlined previously at Phase 2.

We've put the Government table detailing the changes below, you can also click on the table image to see an enlarged version.

20th August Scottish Government Phase 3 Update

To play our part in stopping the spread of the infection our offices remain closed with our teams working from home in line with the Government advice that home working should remain the default when possible.

When necessary some limited in-home visits may be undertaken with strict distancing and safety controls but only in exceptional circumstances and where no other alternative is possible. Our default remains to resolve all customer enquiries remotely, by phone, email, text or via Connect.