Getting in touch while we are remote working 

Throughout the pandemic all teams, across our entire Group of Housing Associations, Caledonia, Cordale & Bellsmyre, have continued working. We were fortunate with our Group infrastructure that the switch to home working was relatively seamless.

We have used the power of the Group with to upscale our Customer Solutions teams ability to answer your calls.  Redirecting the phone calls from all three Associations to any member of the Customer Solutions team in the Group has ensured we can cope with the expected increase in calls from closing our offices. More importantly it means your enquiries about reporting repairs, making payments or other housing matters are dealt with quickly and effectively.  It does mean that occasionally when your call is answered our Customer Solutions Advisor might answer as Hello Caledonia Housing Association or Hello Bellsmyre Housing Association or Hello Cordale Housing Association, we are creatures of habit!, but please be assured all our Customer Solutions Advisors are able to help with enquiries for all three Housing Associations. 

If you need any assistance please call us on 08006781228 or 01389 721216 and we will be happy to help. 

Your Neighbourhood Officers remain contactable via email and mobile phone numbers. If in any doubt Customer Solutions can forward your call on to the Neighbourhood Officer or send them a message to get in touch.

Not sure who your Neighbourhood Officer is? Use the search facility on the website to find out