On 4th January the Scottish Government announced strict stay at home lock down measures for all of mainland Scotland to control the latest Cornavirus outbreak. Full details about the announcement and what it means for you are available on the Scottish Government website.

In terms of our services we will continue to provide our services remotely and undertake essential and urgent repairs. However we must stress the importance placed on ensuring we only undertake absolutely essential journeys. This means:  

  • Remote working remains our default service position and our office remains closed to staff, customers & the general public
  • Our teams will work remotely and will be available to help with all your enquiries – please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 678 1228
  • Whilst under Stay at Home Lockdown restrictions we will only be able to complete emergency and urgent internal repairs (remember safety & social distance measures must be followed).
  • All external repairs are permitted if essential or urgent
  • Our planned and cyclical maintenance inside homes will be paused as this is not classed as essential
  • External areas and communal maintenance or services will be permitted if essential or urgent
  • To keep everyone safe visits or personal contact will only be considered in essential situations, strictly by appointment and only after ensuring that:
    • Screening checks for Coronavirus symptoms are completed
    • Social distancing at the visit can be observed
    • Measures for hand hygiene and coughing etiquette will be undertaken
    • Personal Protective Equipment will be worn if deemed appropriate
    • Records of contacts are made for track and trace requirements
      Please remember these measures are to keep everyone safe and a visit will be declined or ended if these are not followed. 

We would like to thank you for your understanding in these difficult times and for helping us to help you and our staff stay safe.

Please be aware we review our services with every Government announcement to ensure compliance with the latest regulations. When there are changes to the services stated above we will create and post a new update.