Lockdown Easing 2021: Full Repairs Service Resumes

Our full repairs service will resume on 26th April, when the restrictions on allowing trades people inside homes for non-emergency repairs and maintenance are lifted. 

Our Contractors will begin by working on the repairs that have been reported during the restrictions.  Similar to last year the Stay at Home lockdown has created a large backlog of repairs which will take a while to clear.  We are putting as much resource as possible into clearing the back log and thank you for your patience while we work on this.

Outlined below is our estimate* for clearing the backlog and resuming a normal lead time on repairs requests, dependent on Government guidance remaining the same. Please be patient with our contractors and us as we work, in the safest ways possible, to clear the backlog. 

26th April 2021 Start work on the backlog of non-emergency internal repairs and inspections
*June 2021 Back to normal response times for new non-emergency external repairs and inspections

If you have previously reported a non-emergency internal repair, there is no need to call to report it again, we have all requested repairs noted.  Our appointed contractor will contact you in the coming weeks to arrange an appointment to do the repair.

We will provide progress updates in the coming weeks and thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we clear the backlog.


If you have previously reported a repair, or if you are reporting a repair for the first time, you will be asked to confirm:

  • That no one in your home is isolating due to Covid-19 symptoms, is shielding or is in any of the vulnerable categories. Your response will determine if/when your repair can take place and the staff will explain this to you during the call; and
  • That you agree to have our operatives working in your home. If you don’t agree, we will ask you to call back when you are happy for the repair to take place.



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Call 0800 678 1228 Via our website form Via Connect          Email info@cordalehousing.org.uk


When our operatives are working in your home, everyone in the household must:

  • Ensure the area for repair is thoroughly cleaned in advance and well aired and ventilated 
  • Stay in another room from the operative for the duration of the visit; or
  • If this is not possible, for example if you and the operative need to discuss the purpose of the visit, this must be done from a minimum of 2m distance and for as short a time as possible; and if possible open windows in the room to ensure the room is well ventilated.

While our operatives are in your property, they will:

  • Practice good hand hygiene and wear appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) if required;
  • Always maintain appropriate social distance; and
  • Clean down all areas where they have been working.