Procuring Goods and Services

We commission a range of services, supplies and works in line with our business needs.

In doing so, our policy is to:

1. Achieve Best Value for all development and maintenance contracts procured by the Group, including appointment of consultants, through the operation of efficient and effective procurement procedures, recognising that lowest cost will not always represent Best Value

2. Ensure probity through transparency and accountability at all stages of the procurement process, including public advertising of contracts, and

3. Ensure compliance with statutory legislation and guidance, in the carrying out of any procurement activity.

4. Due to the minor differences between the legislation for ‘EU Regulated Procurements’ and Scottish ‘Lower Value Regulated Procurements’, it is our intention as far as practicable, and in order to avoid confusion, to follow the full EU compliant processes for all contracts above the ‘Lower Value Regulated Procurements thresholds.

5. Contracts below the ‘Lower Value Regulated Contracts’ threshold will be procured in accordance with Group Financial Regulations following the same overall principles in terms of demonstrating probity and value for money, and in a manner proportionate to the nature of such smaller contracts.

6. Prepare a Group Procurement Strategy and Annual Reports that will include contracts procured by subsidiaries.

Further information can be found in our Procurement Policy

The Group Procurement Strategy can be found here. The Group will also publish an Annual Procurement Report upon completion of its audited accounts each year.

Details of regulated public contracts we are currently tendering, and those which we have recently awarded, can be found in our Buyer Profile on the Public Contracts Scotland website.

Further information is also contained in our own contracts register. (available on request).