Rent Setting Review

Changing our Approach to Rent Setting

Date Posted: 12th of November 2019

We're thinking about changing our approach to rent setting and want to take your views into account.

We are committed to providing homes at affordable rents that are fair and reflect the services received. We believe that the rent and service charge set for each of our homes meets these aims but we want to be sure that our charges reflect tenant views and priorities.

We have appointed consultants North Star Consulting & Research to review our rent structure and to help us develop a fair and transparent rent system. We also want to give tenants the opportunity to influence how future rents will be set and calculated.

This review is not about us making more money from our rents and the total amount we collect in rent will be the same. It is about ensuring our charges are easier to set, to understand and to explain. Any change to the rent structure will not increase our rental income, although individual tenants' rents may change.

We would like tenants to tell us what they think are the most important things to consider when we set our rent and service charges.

Answer 6 quick questions on what you would like us to take into account when we agree our charges.

The 60 second survey can be completed:

- Online at

- By completing the recently posted out survey and returning in the FREEPOST envelope

- By speaking to any member of Cordale HA staff

The deadline is 22nd November 2019.

In order to thank you for sharing your views we will enter all those who provide contact details into a PRIZE DRAW with the chance of winning £30 of vouchers of their choice.

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