Cordale\'s 2019/20 Charter Report Published

Cordale's 2019/20 Charter Report Published

Date Posted: 23rd of December 2020

Each year we report to tenants and other stakeholders on our performance in delivering the Outcomes and Standards detailed in the Scottish Social Housing Charter.  The Charter sets out the standards and outcomes that tenants can expect from social landlords, in terms of the quality and value for money of the services they receive, the standard of their homes, and opportunities for communication and participation in the decisions that affect them.

Under normal circumstances Caledonia is required to publish their Charter report by the end of October. In light of the challenges presented by Covid-19, the Scottish Housing Regulator extended the deadline this year to the end of December.

Caledonia has sought to simplify and streamline its approach to the self-assessment process. We consulted with tenants on this new approach in which it was proposed that we would adopt four key measures, which would form the basis of our performance “story” and assessment:

Review the completion of our improvement actions from our previous Charter report
Consider what service improvements & highlights had been delivered
Ensure that we had complied with our legal and regulatory responsibilities
Review our performance against relevant Charter indicators, including comparison with previous years’ performance and Scottish National averages
Those tenants who responded to the consultation overwhelmingly supported the new approach and the self-assessment has been completed on this basis. A summary of the outcome of the self-assessment was made available to residents and has been reported to our Governing body.

This report now provides more detailed information about our assessment of our achievement of each of the Charter Outcomes. This has been drafted to reflect residents’ views that it should be simple and easy to understand and should present an honest and transparent picture of our performance. It should also outline the key actions that we intend to undertake to ensure that our performance and standards of service improve.

We hope that you find this report interesting and informative, but would stress that the information presented here relates to Caledonia’s performance and service delivery during the 2019/20 year, the year preceding the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Document available to Download:

Cordale 2019/20 Charter Report

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